Gluten free experience at Chiquito

Yes Chiquito! Thank you for your gluten free menu, I can now frequent your establishment for cocktails, sombreros and Mexican with confidence. Attention all, the amazing people at Chiquito have put together a gluten free menu that does not disappoint.

My family and I decided to celebrate my little brothers return from Spain by going out for dinner at Chiquito. My family love Chiquito and we regularly visit for special occasions (given the number of times we have visited, there have been many special occasions). I normally drive because my mom and brother love the cocktail menu, they get all giggly on the variety of mojito flavours or limited edition mixers. The restaurant always has a lively and upbeat feel because hearty Mexican food brings out the best in people.

Looking through the menu I saw so many delicious options, even some of the healthy options tempted me. In the end though I went for the ribs, full-rack. These ribs were so delicious, juicy and meaty, covered in a yummy bbq sauce with extra sauce for you to pour on as you wish. It even came with a little gluten free flag stuck in them, just to give you confidence that what you are eating is safe. However, there is an issue we need to address with this meal. They don’t serve the regular fries with the gluten free options. They serve sweet potato wedges. I genuinely don’t like it when restaurants insist on having chips that they coat with flour – what is the point! But, these sweet potato wedges were amazing. They were huge and full of flavour. I am willing to (on this rare occasion) make an exception and allow a free pass for Chiquito’s sweet potato wedges.


Now I should have mentioned that Chiquito have changed a few things like their menu, but I couldn’t see that many differences because I recognised so many dishes from the previous menu on the gluten free one. By the way, if you like the fajitas they do a gluten free option.

When we arrived they served some free nachos on the table (a change from popcorn) but I wasn’t sure if they were safe to eat. It might be nice if they said if the nachos were gluten free or not when they severe them. If you put food in front of someone you might not realise that they can’t have it, and is worth mentioning just in case. A lot of tortilla chips out there are gluten free, but some aren’t, and you could think it is safe but find it isn’t at all. If the person dining is coeliac, Chiquito could get in some real trouble. It is worth noting that the nachos are not included on the gluten free menu.

I never ordered a pudding because I was so full, but I did take a look. Their gluten free deserts include the old familiars ice cream and sorbet, but they also serve a blueberry and apple crumble, chilli pineapple thins and a fruit melody. When I was visiting my brother in Spain we came across frozen gluten free churros. If Chiquito served gluten free churros, they would make it into the gluten free hall of fame. I miss their churros sooo much, and would love the opportunity to have them again (but without being in pain afterwards).

Although this review has only discussed one item on the gluten free menu I still wanted to discuss the experience of dining at Chiquito when you are trying to avoid gluten. You’ve read the good and the bad, but overall I would recommend it. The gluten free flag in the food is a lovely touch, and the fact they have an actual menu leaves a good impression. Plus the food is really good, I have never been let down by the food at Chiquto. If you want a fun, but some-what safe, gluten free dining experience, head to Chiquito. Don’t worry if you’ve left your sombrero at home, they have plenty of spares.