Benefiting my Face

So I may have spent a little bit too much money at Benefit…twice. I can explain.


So last Saturday I had to work, it was my first time working on a Saturday in about 15 months. However, I didn’t buy benefit make up because I was feeling sorry for myself, quite the opposite, I was so happy with how the day went that I decided to reward myself.

I only popped into Boots for some shower gel, but whilst walking past the Benefit counter I thought about how much I needed a new eyebrow pencil. Benefit launched a whole new brow collection a few months back but I hadn’t checked it out yet. I have always been a pencil and brush kind of girl, I feel like I get a very natural look using this technique. The Goof Proof Brown Pencil is exactly what I need, a brush one end, and a pencil that can either be used to fill in the brows, or you can use the tip for finer detail.

I also picked up the Poise Tint. This is something I have always wanted to try. The lovely lady at the Benefit counter showed me how to use it on your cheeks, and I fell in love with it. I use it in my everyday make up routine now; I think it is my favourite make up product right now (and that is a bold statement from a girl who wears winged eyeliner every day)! You simply pop a blob on the back of your hand and, using your fingertips, gently pat it onto the apples of your cheeks. It looks scary when you’ve got a bright pink blob on the back of your hand, but it gives a beautiful natural pink blush to the cheeks.  When I was paying for my lovely new products the Benefit Make-up artist asked me if I was interested in a free makeover. I couldn’t believe my luck, I booked me and my friend in for the following Friday.


Okay so I didn’t need another blush, but this was so pretty I just had to have the Dandelion Blush. I’m a big fan of pink subtle blushes, and this blush works well with pale skin. It stays put nicely throughout the day, and would be great for everyday use.


I tend to normally put on some lip balm at the beginning of the day and forget to keep using it throughout the day, even if my lips dry out. The colour of the Cha Cha Balm looks like a very bright coral, but it is a nice subtle pop of colour when applied to the lips. It is super hydrating. I feel like this will be great to carry around in my bag reminding me to moisturise my lips throughout the day.

The free make overs at Benefit were a part of their campaign to launch the new Boiing Concealer range. I didn’t actually get the chance to check out the whole range, but the Boiing Hydrating Concealer was used under my eyes when I was having the free make over. I could feel how hydrating and creamy it was on my face before the make-up artist did a swatch on the back of my hand. It works great under the eyes as it doesn’t feel heavy and feels more comfortable to wear than other heavy concealers. However, I would say this concealer is better at highlighting areas or doing a bit of colour correcting. I think some of the other concealers from this range are better for covering up things like spots, but if you need something to brightened under the eyes this is the one for you.

The majority of my everyday make up look is now Benefit, it’s a bit like when you get dressed and realise your whole outfit is from Topshop, you like what you are wearing, so you don’t care.