Think Pink

What is your favourite colour?

Mine is pink. I like a baby, light or dusty pink, not the bright, bubble-gum, pop kind of pink. I know people will take their favourite colour and use it everywhere. They will paint their room pink, wear it, and even dye their hair that colour. But I just don’t seem to surround myself with my favourite colour. It is nowhere to be seen in my everyday life. Anyone who knows me would think my favourite colour is probably white, grey, black or navy. So I am trying to make a conscious effort to include pink more in my everyday life.

The first way I introduced pink back into my routine is through my shower. I picked up my favourite summery shower gel, the Sugar Crush body wash by Soap and Glory. This is my go to shower gel in the summer, it’s moisturising, but feels light and refreshing on your skin, and has a great sweet/citrus scent. As with all Soap and Glory products it comes in pink packaging and just the look of the packaging makes me happy. I love its retro design. I also got my go to body scrub, the Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub. This is my favourite because I love how thick but exfoliating it is on your skin. I feel like it really gets to work at removing dead skin, whilst not drying the skin out. Plus it smells like maple syrup, and I love me some maple syrup. Next I picked up the L’Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. I used to use this all the time when I was at secondary school, it always left my hair feeling super soft and smelling good. I decided to repurchase and I love how soft my hair feels. Lastly I got the Good Things Stay Clear Purifying Cleanser. Again, I liked the packaging but it is what I need for my skin, it is anti-blemish which is what I tend to get. It also smells of blueberries and mango which is great for these summer months. My whole shower right now is all about how good the product smells, as well as how it looks. Forget the benefits, I am completely going for whether the product makes me happy or not.


I recently visited the Lush in Brighton and came across this Think Pink Bath Bomb, and I just knew it was a sign that I had to have it. What better way to add more pink into your life than with a bath bomb? This bath bomb is super glittery and smells of vanilla. I cannot wait to have a nice relaxing bath with it. I have a basket of lush bath bombs that need using but this will definitely be the next one I pop in my bath.


Whilst browsing the shelves of Primark I found these light pink cushions. I’ve been needing some cushions to go with my new white duvet cover set, and I knew I could kill two birds with one stone by getting these pillows. They add a nice touch of pink to my room and didn’t break the bank. Adding little things like pillows are a great way to change the look and feel to a bed, sofa or room. I feel a subtle bit of colour on white bed sheets makes the bed look more like a great relaxing place to collapse into after a long day.

Adding my favourite colour to my frequently visited places throughout my regular day to day routine has definitely helped me feel happier and more positive. I feel a little bit like Elle Woods in legally Blonde, and just look at how happy and positive she was. Now all I need to do is get more pink into my office, not sure how well that will go down with the two guys I share an office with, but all well.


Mini Lush Haul

Although I’m calling this a mini haul, it’s what I would actually consider this a regular sized haul, but I’ve seen people’s Lush Haul’s on Youtube, and they are mega hauls!

Last week my bestie came into the town I work in for a little trip to Lush and to get Sushi. She cleverly named this meeting, Lushi! She’s punny like that. Every day when I get off the bus and take the five minute walk to work, I go right past a Lush shop. Every day I stop and admire the beautiful window displays. They make me want to buy the pretty coloured bath bombs, the themed bubble bars, the facemasks that smell good enough to eat (warning: these may say vegan, but they are not edible) and the can’t live without face toners or body butters.

I had seen the new Easter collection, specifically the chick ‘n’ mix bath bomb, and had to check it out. I also wanted to get a scrub (for my barley there tan), a lavender bubble bar and more shower gel. I left Lush with all the things I wanted; I was one very happy customer. I would also recommend going with a friend, if you accidently get bath bomb dust on your nose from sniffing them all, you’ve got someone who will tell you.

Chick ‘n’ Mix Bath Bomb

How cute is this little guy? My brother thinks it looks like a penis, but I am ignoring this. I’m not even sure how to use this bath bomb. Do I use it in three separate goes or all at once? I went for all at once option. It’s all or nothing. This little guy doesn’t just look sweet, he  smells sweet too. As you can see he made the bath water go bright green.

Sheep Bubble Bar


I actually went into Lush wanting to get A French Kiss as I am a little obsessed with the relaxing powers of lavender at the moment. However I ended up buying the cute thing again, and got this little sheep. This is the Baa Bar Bubble Bar (4B’s). This guy also smells of lavender and Shea butter or Almond milk. I think this guy will be great for a bath just before bed time. He’ll get you in the right state of mind for a good night’s sleep.



I want to get a scrub because I accidently got sun burnt on my holidays and my legs are shedding like a snake out of its old skin (sorry for the overshare). I was thinking of getting Rub Rub Rub shower scrub, which I have used and love. Then I came across this pink scrub bar (pink’s my favourite colour so that alone had me hooked), and it turns out this is Rub Rub Rub, but in a bar. I love this. I prefer using the bar over the regular formula. It’s not as hard and rigid to use as the Buffy scrub, it kind of has some flexibility when using it. It is really exfoliating, and although it doesn’t fall apart you could break smaller pieces off if you wanted to.

It’s Raining Men


I have been using the Prince Charming Shower Gel for the last month or so, and it is going to run out soon. I’ve loved using this it smells sweet, but not too sweet and I love making my body pink. It is literally like painting yourself pink, it washes off, but does stains your nails pink for the day (not that I minded). Anyway, I needed a new shower gel. I had seen It’s Raining Men on the shelf before but I had never picked it up to give it a sniff. Boy I did not know what I was missing. It smells exactly like Honey I Wash The Kids, which is one of the first things I ever brought from Lush. It lathers up nicely, and I will definitely be repurchasing.

Products from Lush make me think of Hygge. I think of long relaxing baths, followed by a hot drinks, cosy pyjamas, blankets and a good book. What pamper evening, me time or a relaxing weekend doesn’t have a Lush product involved in it somewhere? I’ve been reading a book on Hygge and it is definitely a life style that I could get use too and want to adopt. I only wish Lush made candles!