Gluten free dining at Bill’s

Ah Bill’s, where do I begin. Yes it is a hipster chain restaurant, but every time I visit I fall more and more in love with it. Quick question, can something still be hipster when it becomes mainstream? Back to the post. I loved going to bills before the low FODMAP diet and I love visiting it still. The menu used to be small (they have recently added a load of more of delicious dishes), but everything on it looked amazing and unique. They serve dishes you think you’ll like, but you’ve never had it the way they serve it, so you give it a go, and it exceeds your expectations. Even though I am jealous that I can’t have some of the new items on the menu, I am impressed by how good the gluten free menu is. It has some of the dishes I enjoyed before, and some I want to try.

Firstly, you can see their gluten free menu on their website, so if you are like me, you can check out what you are going to order before you even get to the restaurant. Does anyone else do this? They have plenty of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert. In order to do this review I decided I would have to check out at least two of the menus, so I went for breakfast with my bestie and dinner, but not in the same day. Although, that would have been amazing.

When I used to go to Bill’s for breakfast before the low FODMAP diet, I would always get the pancakes with fruit. These pancakes are so fluffy and delicious, but alas they are not on the gluten free menu. I also used to get the Bill’s breakfast, which is on the gluten free menu. Bill’s, if you ever want to included gluten free pancakes on your menu you could use this recipe, the pancakes it produces are very similar to yours and would bring happiness to those who are gluten free. However, for this breakfast I decided to get the Eggs Royale. I love Eggs Royale, I tend to order it when eating out as their is nothing better than having someone else prepare poached eggs for you. They are too tricky to do at home, and a chef can make them better. The Eggs Royale weren’t served on a gluten free muffins, just gluten free bread, but the bread was really good. Very light and fluffy, but not too crumply. This gluten free bread is toasted, so this might be why it doesn’t fall apart. Regardless, the bread was light, not dense, and paired perfectly with the eggs and salmon. The hollandaise sauce is also good and adds to this fabulous breakfast.

A few weeks later I was back at Bill’s for dinner. This time I decided to go for the fish pie. I had always wanted to try it, but never got round to it (thank god its on the gluten free menu). I wasn’t actually expecting much from this pie, but it was amazing. The mash alone was soooo tasty, and the chunks of fish and prawns was generous. You definitely get yours moneys worth. It comes with a little pot of cream, and I tried it, but found that I liked the taste of the pie alone so much that I ignored the sauce for the rest of the meal. The only thing that lets the dinner and lunch menu down is the naked burger. It is a pet peeve of mine when you go to restaurants and they offer a naked burger, or sweet potato chips instead of regular. There is no need to buy chips for your restaurant that are covered in flour, and a naked burger is just a lazy option for a gluten free menu. Buy some frozen gluten free buns and stop making gluten free meals so small!

Rant over, luckily the Bill’s desert menu saves it. There really aren’t that many differences between the gluten free and regular desert menu. I went for the sticky toffee pudding which is a favourite of mine. Before the low FODMAP diet I tried sticky toffee pudding at Bill’s and would have no reaction, but whenever I bought sticky toffee pudding from the supermarket it really upset my stomach. Now I know it is because the Bill’s version is gluten free. This sticky toffee pudding is also delicious and they serve it warm with an addictively sweet toffee sauce. However, I need to go back to try the Victoria sponge cake and Eton mess. There are also chocolate options for those who love their chocolate.


If you are gluten free and looking for somewhere to dine Bill’s is definitely the place for you. They have chains everywhere and have a lot of delicious choices available. Plus they do some amazing drinks and cocktails.

These past two gluten free experiences of Bill’s have made me love Bill’s even more, but I haven’t quite gotten over the naked burger thing.