Gluten Free at Ed’s Easy Diner

Yes, another one of my beloved restaurants that provides gluten free options!

Me and my family first discovered Ed’s Easy Diner in Bluewater years ago, and every time we are there, we have to pay another visit. An Ed’s opened really close to me in Sussex, but it then sadly closed 😥 . When I discovered there is an Ed’s in Brighton it gave me the perfect excuse to visit Brighton again.


Firstly, at Ed’s you get a gluten free menu! No looking through the nutritional booklet here. As Ed’s is an American diner it specialises in burgers and hotdogs, so it is great that they do gluten free burgers and hotdog buns. I didn’t compare the gluten-free menu to the gluten menu, but it was still pretty extensive, and seemed to have a lot of the same items that you could get on the regular menu. I’m so happy to see somewhere that actuallys provides gluten free buns. It really bugs me when restaurants just do a ‘naked burger’. I’m not expecting fresh buns, I’m happy for them to be frozen and toasted back to life for my burger.  I feel like Ed’s deserves a lot of recognition for their gluten free menu. You can still enjoy a lot of the same things as everyone else, and not have an obvious stand out non-gluten meal. I will also mention here, that Ed’s also do gluten free chips, and they had two gluten free desert options!


Even before I knew I had to give up wheat and gluten I hadn’t had a hotdog in so long! When I saw that Ed’s did gluten free hotdog buns (something I haven’t even spotted in many well-known super markets) I knew it was time for the hotdog draught to end. The bun was delicious. It was almost like having a brioche bun that was maybe a day old. It was still very soft, and had a rich texture; it wasn’t dry and dense like most gluten free baked goods can be. I really enjoyed this hotdog, and the bun did taste good by itself. I will definitely be ordering the hotdog again, and trying a gluten free burger… probably not at the same time though.


Over all I’ve always loved and recommended Ed’s because I love the American diner theme. Plus I have been watching Riverdale and I kind of felt like I was sitting it that diner just waiting for Archie to come in and share a milkshake with me.  If you are gluten free and needing a burger or hotdog, please check out Ed’s. They have restaurants all over London, and of course Brighton. Ed’s definitely needs to expand and be everywhere like a Pizza Express! I can’t wait for my next visit!

P.S. If you get a milkshake, be prepared to have a lot of milkshake!