The Pinterest Wedding

I’ll hold my hands up and admit that even though I have no desire to get married any time soon,  I can find myself typing ‘wedding’, ‘wedding dress’ or ‘wedding cake’ into Pinterest. The last is searched for the most. On Christmas day 2014 my friend, who is also my boyfriend’s sister, was proposed to by her Australian boyfriend. Their wedding day totally reflected their carefree and fun loving personalities. I know that everyone who attended enjoyed themselves and had a great time celebrating the commitment they have made to one another.


I know that when the bride started planning her wedding she looked to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. She pinned beautiful boho wedding dresses, three tier cakes sprinkled with fresh fruit and venues decorated in muslin. However, most of the charm of the day came from the bride’s, the groom’s and the maid of honours hard work and creativity. The wedding was a delicate mix of boho, relaxed sophistication and back garden barn wedding.

I started being involved in this wedding a year ago, when the bride asked me to help her pick out her wedding dress. We looked in charity shops, bridal boutiques and online. It wasn’t until the bride went back to Australia with her fiancé that she found the most beautiful boho, relaxed, yet elegant wedding dress, that completely suited her personality. Of course, as you can see from the photographs, tit tape was required.

Now as this was not going to be a typical, structured wedding, all the bridesmaid were given the choice to wear whatever dress they wanted as long as it was a nude/pink shade and the bride approved of it of course. I have to say I breathed a sigh of relief when I was told I could pick my dress, I absolutely loved my bridesmaids dress; I would not have worn anything else. The maid of honour wore a mauve coloured dress so that she stood out from the other bridesmaids, and again the dress was here choice. All the dresses really suited those who wore them, and everyone looked gorgeous in them. One bridesmaid had her boots on underneath her dress, and although it isn’t what others would consider conventional, it was totally in keeping with the day as it reflected her, she wasn’t dressed up as someone the bride wanted her to be.


I know everyone always immediately thinks about what the bride and her bridesmaids are going to wear, but at this wedding we were all wondering what the groom was going to wear. Now if you knew this groom you would know that he was not the kind of guy you could picture wearing a black suit and tie. Instead the bride found something that, again, fitted his personality, and still made him look handsome and smart for the big day. The groom and his groomsmen all wore black trousers, white shirts with braces and little lavender flowers to pin to their breast pockets. The usher, the bride’s brother, wore the same but in brown. Think Momford and Sons.


The reception was held in the bride’s family home in Surrey. They rented a marque which they decorated with muslin cloth, flowers and fairy lights. Large light bulbs were hung across the garden to add to the romantic garden atmosphere. What is really impressive about this wedding is people can say they paid for it, planned it all, but how many people can say they made their wedding. The groom, and later on his groomsmen, made all the tables and the bar. The tables and bar looked amazing and demonstrated good craftsmanship.

The food and drink was a real feast. The reception began with tasty canapes from Waitrose, followed by a hog roast, with all the trimmings and various salads, vegetable mixes and couscous. For desert we were served the home made blackberry ice-cream (mad by the mother of the bride), lemon tart, banoffee pie, raspberry cheesecake and Lamington. If that wasn’t enough, there was also the gorgeous three-tier wedding cake that consisted of three flavours; lime and coconut, raspberry and vanilla. I have never eaten so well in all my life, and I dare say I won’ have a meal as good as that again for a very long time.


What really made this wedding worthy of its own Pinterest board were all the little touches. Luckily the bride and her maid of honour are naturally creative and can just make things look picture worthy. The table runners were handmaid by the bride, the copper candle holders made the reception look trendy, the idea to use a polaroid camera to take pictures of the guest (which they could keep as a souvenir) gave the evening a retro feel, and there were cute little tickets that the guests were given that allowed them to ride on the horse and carriage to, or from, the wedding. All the little touches showed how much effort had been put into a day that seemed effortless and fun.

This wedding reminds me of the metaphor of the duck floating along the water. You see the duck floating along gracefully whilst his feet paddle frantically under the surface. The whole day went down without a hitch, everyone had a good time, and all the memories of the stress and worry faded away. This was the kind of wedding that makes you think ‘damn I wish I had thought of that’. We all know the pictures you see on Pinterest don’t just happen by happy accident, someone put time and hard work into making something beautiful, and that is what made this wedding Pinterest worthy. All the planning, the tears and the stress created this beautiful day that helped everyone to celebrate the happy couple as they embarked upon a lifetime of happiness together.  I wish them all the best.